Tore Rønnild, CEO, NLP Master/Time Line coach

The last few years I’ve been through big changes in my life. I feel that Cong’s special approach to coaching through Yin Yang perspective is an important expansion and strengthening of coaching foundations generally, and it has given me deeper understanding of myself especially. As a coach Cong has her very own calmness combined with excellent observation ability, and she always creates an atmosphere where it’s easy to open for one’s own challenges. But the most important for me is that she has the strength and directness to hold me to the present moment when I start evasive analysis and secondary motives trying to “escape” from my deeper challenges. I’ve always been “good” to trick myself - this is not possible in coaching with Cong.

Kjersti Ruud Walaas, Academic Leader of “Hotel and Tourism”, College of Marketing in Oslo

Cong Zhao gave a very interesting and inspiring lecture for our students, interspersed with light doses of humour and embodied fundamental insights in Chinese Culture which only a Chinese can have, but not all can convey in such an excellent way to us. Thanks so much for a wonderful lecture!


Eli, coach

Before I had contacted her, I already felt the trust, the warmth and the calmness I later was going to meet with her. Conversations with Cong became a turning point for me. Cong was a fantastic listener and supporter. She was capable of asking the good questions in the right place, which made me see “the impossible situations” from new angles. Some of the most important things she taught me is to be fully present in difficult situations, even though it can be both frightening and painful. I experienced gradually that it gave me an enormous strength and inner peace to focus on presence instead of fleeing away from difficulties. It also made it easier for meg to make my own choices – suddenly fear for the uncertain and unpredictable was much less.

I can’s say anything else than that I feel much more wholeness after the time spent with Cong. I’m very satisfied with that I’ve taken back control of my own life now, and I’m eternally grateful for all the support and presence along the way.


Betty Nyvoll, Marketing Director

In a life situation where work and private life were difficult to handle I contacted Cong. Already before the first meeting I felt that her calmness was transferred to me. Her security and clear-sightedness, her questions to me were so clarifying that they help me to see things from a different angle and I found answers myself. It was as if conversations with her moved the disturbing layers which blurred my sight. I had several aha experiences and she also taught me techniques to find my own security and calmness. I can’t do anything else than concluding with big thanks to Cong. It’s so wonderful that people like her exist. I give her my very best recommendations – with her, people are received with warmth and a genuine wish to help. Good luck with everyone out there.


Øyvind Stirø, Civil Engineer/Drilling Fluid Engineer

Cong has helped me to find out which values are important to me – both at work and in life generally. To identify important values and emotions associated with them is a very demanding task, but Cong guided me through in a nice way.  When this fell into place, it became much easier for me to be brave in this process, that is to say, to take myself seriously and dare to take consequences of the discoveries I made. The last is maybe the most difficult – because it means a break with old patterns and a re-definition of whom one is. Coaching with Cong made this possible for me in an exciting and insightful way.


Anne Gine Benrud, Sales and Marketing

My experiences were that I was met with respect and a genuine wish to help me where I was as a human being.  A coach who wants to go in depth for those who want to work with themselves in order to change/improve their lives. Experiences of feeling secure in meeting with Cong. She is fun, serious, interesting and asks many ”right” questions when I analyse myself to the point of extreme.

I’ve had very good help by coaching sessions with Cong. I like to “play ball” with her. She helps me to see things clearer and put them into bigger perspectives. It’s good when one suddenly sees things in a new and different way/ gets a new understanding of something / sees new connections, and thus feels that one grows as a human being.

Thanks for that our paths crossed each other. I feel more complete and learned a lot in meeting with you, Cong!